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According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it is expected that medical billing and coding is expected to grow by 15% between now and 2024. TSquare Infotech assists healthcare institutes with the development of medical billing and coding. The healthcare industry is continuously pursuing the next technological advancement. We also provide the telehealth software systems that are specifically designed for the medical practices, hospitals and healthcare networks.

Medical billing is essential to all the medical and health professionals as it requires precise, accurate and clear information among the medical providers, patients and insurance companies along with patients. Any barrier in the flow of this information is essential to all the parties, and hence the information needs to be transparent and clear.

TSquare Infotech helps to build and development billing software for the healthcare institutes so that the information related to the patients billing and also help the Revenue Cycle Management Solutions software and its implementation with the health systems.

Medical coding is a simple transformation of medical diagnosis, treatments, clinical procedures and equipment into ICS-10 coding. TSquare Infotech medical coding solutions that help that ensure that medical codes which include extraction of data from the documentation, assignment of the relevant codes, and creation of claim to be compensated by insurance carriers. TSquare Infotech provides all the coding solution that help in faster payment and sending accurate insurance claims as well.

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